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How To Oil Pull

When I first started oil pulling, I thought it would be really hard, but it really isn’t. And of course you need coconut oil, to oil pull. You should use Raw/virgin and unrefined coconut oil, for oil pulling.coconut oil Now you DON’T need to fill your mouth full of coconut oil, just enough so you can swish. Some people add essential oil to the coconut oil, I personally add peppermint essential oil. You need to gradually increase to 20 minutes of oil pulling, and this can be difficult for people who have problems with gagging, like I do. I am only in my first week, and I have only made it about 7 or 8 minutes. Once you have reached your 20 minute goal, don’t go any higher or lower, stay at 20 minutes. Always remember that when you have finished oil pulling to spit out the oil, DO NOT swallow the oil, otherwise you are swallowing some pretty nasty things that will not be so good for your body. Make sure you brush your teeth once you finish oil pulling. And remember you will go through a detox. (Detox is a side effect that will go away, every person is different & some do it for only a day or 2 & others longer. Your detoxing side effects will normally be the same as when you started any other health routine).

Benefits of Oil Pulling

Well I have already noticed a lot of benefits of oil pulling. It has really helped my stomach problems, and anything that will help that is a winner for me. It has also made my teeth super smooth.

Update: It helped my menstrual cramps this week, the pain was much less than what I usually deal with. 

Day 1 of oil pulling:
I made it five minutes today. I used peppermint essential oil with the coconut oil. I seem to be noticing an improvement in my stomach problems already.

Day 2 of oil pulling: 
I got to around 6 minutes, I love how great my mouth feels, & my teeth are so smooth clean, better than any cleaning ever.

Day 3 of oil pulling:
I still got around 6 minutes. I think I have started the detox. Which I really needed. 

Day 4 of oil pulling:
I got around 8 minutes today. Remember to slowly increase the time you oil pull everyday, until you get to 20 minutes.

My Moms(Natural & Frugal: Raising 6 Kids) blog post on oil pulling with step by step direction, options to add, side effects, FAQ’s & why coconut oil Here

I will continue to update this post weekly.

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